“Better to illuminate than merely to shine, to deliver to others contemplated truths than merely to contemplate.” ~ St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa theologiae II-II q. 188 a. 6 co.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

A “Fountains of Carrots” Podcast: “Mad Men” and the Meaning of Love with Yours Truly

Recently I was interviewed for a podcast over at Fountains of Carrots, the combined effort of two lovely Catholic bloggers, Haley Stewart (Carrots for Michaelmas) and Christy Isinger (Fountains of Home). We talked about one of my favorite things, Mad Men. Here's their description along with the link.
Digging deep into one of our favorite TV shows, Mad Men, with Kathryn from Through a Glass Brightly. The meaning of love, the purpose of man, the fulfillment of the human person: why we think this show’s got it all!
Click here for the Fountains of Carrots page and links to the podcast. I hope you enjoy it! This is obviously very personal to me, so I’d love for you to comment and share!


Also, check out this article on Mad Men by Elizabeth Scalia over at First Things.


  1. I love both your and Elizabeth's look into the deeper meaning of "Madmen." In my book "Dickens' Inferno" I noted that one season began with Don, lying on a beach on California reading "Dante's Inferno" and ended with an episode "Tale of Two Cities", showing him actually sacrificing his self-interest for a"far far better man" than he usually is. At present he is still up to most of his old lifestyle, but I remain curious whether there will be a kind of "redemption" after all for this flawed but sometimes sympathetic man. It's wonderful that you noted the "moral" issues beneath this series, which has received accolades mainly for its "50's look." Too bad.
    Susan Jhirad

  2. Poisons come in the most elaborate sugar-coatings these days....

  3. I binge watched all eight seasons of MadMen in my final month of labor with baby #8. It was a great way to pass the midnight contractions with my little phone on a yoga ball. I felt the last episode made the sojourn worthwhile! God bless compassion and the admission of our own brokenness' ability to help us reach out to others in theirs. Truly masterfully written and produced! Layers upon layers of meaning to explore. And how refreshing to have a tv program show the emptiness and death that moral depravity brings. Meanwhile those who live lives for others, for family, for service are the ones to be envied!